by Dr. Lisa Dunne As 57,000 schools in the K-12 sector across the country are set to close this week, sending home 25 million students, some parents are becoming acquainted with the term “homeschooling” on a whole new level. As both a college professor and a home educator for over […]

Homeschooling Basics: Tips for Success from a Veteran Home ...

Dr. Lisa Dunne March 13, 2020 What can we do as leaders and communicators to help those in our realm of influence respond proactively but rationally to the current media cacophony surrounding the coronavirus pandemic? In this blog, Dr. Lisa Dunne discusses the causes of fear, the physiological and emotional […]

Fear Factory: How Media-Induced Worry Impacts Your Brain, Belief, and ...

My grandmother was a public school teacher for over 50 years. Her students prayed together, sang hymns together, read Bible verses together, and learned to read with the 1784 New England Primer that began, “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.” Prayer and Bible reading were vital components of the academic […]

In Adam’s Fall: Presidents, Prayer, and Progress

Helping our youngest employees find purpose, hope, and connection is a vital task for a healthy, engaged workplace culture. This blog is adapted from a speech Dr. Dunne gave to a group of San Diego pastors outlining the challenges facing our youngest generation. To learn more about tools for helping […]

The GenZ Gap: Cultivating Hope in the Age of Anxiety

By Dr. Lisa Dunne If you haven’t read Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, Brave New World, add it to your summer reading list. It will clarify, with painful lucidity, precisely what’s happening across the state of California right now. From overly sexualized curricula to direct attempts at blocking academic accessibility, we […]

Choking out Charters: The State’s Resistance to Alternative Education  

The following blog is excerpted from a keynote presentation titled #CultureShapers that the author gave at a Chula Vista high school in February 2019. The internet is currently swirling with an angry vortex of posts devoted to the topic of the life and death of the unborn. As a parent […]

Hidden Hurt: The Dramatic Impact of America’s Abortion Crisis

Recently, I attended a rally at our local school board, where concerned parents had gathered to share feedback on the county’s adoption of a progressively liberal sexual education curricula. Not only did the school board delay the meeting by two hours, while parents waited outside in the rain, but once […]

A Moral Miseducation: 10 Ways California’s Sex Ed Culture is ...

Dr. Lisa Dunne, June 2018 On the heels of two recent celebrity suicides, the Center for Disease Control has released troubling new data documenting the sobering rise of suicides in the United States. Here, Dr. Lisa Dunne shares her own experience with the topic.  When I was 18 years old, […]

The Face of Suicide Ideation

My precious daughter has been on the countdown to Thanksgiving for almost 40 days. She started the Thanksgiving Clock on her phone over two months ago, and every day since, she has faithfully recorded the countdown on the whiteboard in her room: 32 days ‘til Thanksgiving! Just 21 days ‘til […]

Public Praise and Gratitude: A Lifetime of Thanksgiving

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been monochronic. I have cherished the construct of time, counted it, calculated it, contemplated it, continuously traversing that fine line between being time-conscious and time-obsessed. If three extra minutes surreptitiously appeared in my schedule, I would immediately put them to proper […]

Time Miser: An Ode to Daylight Savings