That’s 26 and Counting


I married this man 26 years ago today! It has been an amazing journey so far, Adrian Dunne! From Miami to England, from rock bands to worship teams, from praying desperately for children to being blessed beyond measure by parenthood, marriage has been an incredible adventure!

In our pre-marriage counseling in 1990, our pastor had us cut the word “divorce” out of our dictionary. This symbolic act has always reminded us that we committed to honor our marriage vows through better and worse, wealth and poverty, sickness and health. Given the homes we both grew up in and the lives we lived before becoming Christians in college, 26 years is a miraculous testimony!!

Thank you to the many people who have modeled for us the art and skill of marriage through the early years, like George and Suzanne Brantley,  Francis and Suzie Anfuso, and Bill and Cherie Carlson, and to those who continue to model the newness and joy of marriage in later years, like Rob and Audra Nelson, John and Pamela Jackson, and Jim and Rosemary Schindler Garlow. And thanks to my college music professor from Miami Dade, Dr. Ken Boos, who took our group to England where I met Adrian in the first place! 😃

As a professor, my post would be amiss if I didn’t share a lesson from our experience: Find marriage mentors to encourage and challenge you. Peel back the veneer and allow others into your life so they can see and support the real you. Finally, learn to see marriage through the eyes of the one who created the institution; He defines it very differently from the culture’s shallow and fleeting assessment.

From the moment we met across a crowded college classroom in England to our life in San Diego today, I am thankful for the journey that is challenging us and changing us daily. Here’s to the next 26 years! ❤️