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Dr. Dunne has authored or co-authored several books on media socialization, organizational development, cultural shifts, interpersonal communication, and familial health and nutrition. Click on a book to purchase it from Amazon.


The Multigenerational Marketplace: Eight Communication Competencies for Creating a Culture of Value that Attracts, Retains, and Engages the Next Generation of Employees – Dr. Lisa Dunne

Organizational turnover? Employee disengagement? The modern workplace is often steeped in conflict and misunderstanding. For the first time in organizational history, five radically different generations find themselves working under one corporate roof, resulting in friction, frustration, and faultfinding. In this strategic guide for marketplace leaders and culture-shapers, Dr. Dunne provides a step-by-step process for engaging younger workers on the job. Drawing from 20 years of experience in the educational sector, as well as research in the fields of communication, sociology, psychology, organizational theory, and neuroscience, Dr. Dunne presents a focused approach for creating a culture of value and engagement in your organization. Learn the simple but profound tools of the multigenerational trade that will help you attract and retain the next generation of employees. Your workplace will never be the same again!

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The Science of Social Influence: How the Culture of Media Shapes our Identity – Dr. Lisa Dunne with Dr. Joel Johnson

In an age of constant virtual connectivity, mainstream media has been adopted as a member of the American family, and with this unique amalgamation of sibling status and digital domination comes an inherent power of persuasion. This book exposes the subtle socialization of Western society, unraveling a compelling cultural timeline that has laid the foundation for media’s primal, intoxicating influence on human behavior. Outlining the depth and breadth of the cultural shift through the lenses of sociology, psychology, religion, and neuroscience, Drs. Dunne and Johnson analyze the strategic thrust of entertainment media and its ultimate impact on our collective sense of identity.



Relating Through the Lifespan: A Biosocial Christian Perspective on Human Development & Intergenerational Mentoring – Dr. Lisa Dunne

From the classroom to the living room, modern culture drives a harsh wedge between generations. Dr. Dunne demonstrates how this mainstream mentality can rob both young and old of their full developmental potential. Lifespan offers a blended biosocial, spiritual, and cognitive approach to human development from birth to death, demonstrating the unique roles and responsibilities of each phase of life through current research on attachment, genetics, peer orientation, developmental trajectories, and intergenerational mentoring. Through her academic research and 17 years of experience in the college classroom, Dr. Dunne offers a model for creating lifelong learning communities that center on relational scaffolding. Lifespan is a vital curriculum for ministry leaders and a scientifically and scripturally sound textbook for advanced high school and Christian college courses in human development, lifespan psychology, pastoral training, and small group communication.



SHiFT: Creating Cultural Change – Dr. Lisa Dunne

America is in great distress today–financially, socially, morally, academically, spiritually. From rising STI rates to cutting to bullying, there is an audible echo of emptiness across the land. Families are failing. Our nation’s schools are in utter disrepair, as organic, life-giving curiosities of learning have been replaced with sterile, lifeless models of cookie-cutter curricula. But despite the current reality, neuroscience and theology both agree:

There is hope. In SHIFT, Dr. Dunne examines emerging social systems in Western culture, focusing on the transgenerational roots of the separation of hearts and minds. SHIFT details a faith-based approach to intentional, positive, prosocial change built on the examples of a few determined individuals who refused to look the other way. SHIFT will encourage you to find a place of potential impact within your realm of influence. Effective change takes place one region at a time, one city at a time, one family at a time. Instead of Band-Aid solutions that overpromise and underdeliver, it’s time for a foundational shift. You can be a catalyst for change.


NUMB – Francis Anfuso with Dr. Lisa Dunne

We all fight numbness & its long-term effect. Unless our daily reality is greater than our inner fantasy, we’ll wander from one reality-replacement to another. When we forget what we know, we forfeit who we are.

Everything God does is designed to lead us into intimacy with Him—to set us free from boredom, loneliness, and self-absorbed distractions. He loves us enough to allow us to be satisfied with only Himself. God’s not trying to crash your party. He’s inviting you to His!

Unless the pleasure we find in God is greater than the pleasure we find in this world, we’ll always succumb to the evils of Earth rather than yield to the holiness of Heaven. If we’ll let Him, God will take our lives from subzero to superhero, from average to exceptional, from one-in-a-billion to one-of-a-kind.

A Very Veggie Cookbook – The Dunne Family LIMITED TIME FREE DOWNLOAD (13MB)

Many families begin the year with great intentions for healthy living. Little by little, though, the sugar slips in, the salt shaker finds its way to our grasp, mealtimes gravitate toward fast and processed, and before we know it, we are swimming in gooey fudge and Christmas pudding. The bad news: The World Health Organization says the Western lifestyle is characterized by an intake of high calorie, nutrient deficit foods and an output of low levels of physical activity, and these bad habits serve as a seedbed for a host of preventative diseases. The good news: A Very Veggie Cookbook will help you make the most of a plant-based diet, creating an intentional foundation of healthy choices to improve mood, focus, health, energy, and zest for life. Bon appetit!