Recently, I attended a rally at our local school board, where concerned parents had gathered to share feedback on the county’s adoption of a progressively liberal sexual education curricula. Not only did the school board delay the meeting by two hours, while parents waited outside in the rain, but once […]

A Moral Miseducation: 10 Ways California’s Sex Ed Culture is ...

Dr. Lisa Dunne, June 2018 On the heels of two recent celebrity suicides, the Center for Disease Control has released troubling new data documenting the sobering rise of suicides in the United States. Here, Dr. Lisa Dunne shares her own experience with the topic.  When I was 18 years old, […]

The Face of Suicide Ideation

My precious daughter has been on the countdown to Thanksgiving for almost 40 days. She started the Thanksgiving Clock on her phone over two months ago, and every day since, she has faithfully recorded the countdown on the whiteboard in her room: 32 days ‘til Thanksgiving! Just 21 days ‘til […]

Public Praise and Gratitude: A Lifetime of Thanksgiving

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been monochronic. I have cherished the construct of time, counted it, calculated it, contemplated it, continuously traversing that fine line between being time-conscious and time-obsessed. If three extra minutes surreptitiously appeared in my schedule, I would immediately put them to proper […]

Time Miser: An Ode to Daylight Savings

Climate Change: Three Steps to Creating a Healthy Communication Climate Dr. Lisa Dunne, 2017 This blog is a truncated adaptation of a presentation I gave at Azusa Pacific University’s Impact Conference in February 2017. The title of that speech was Climate Change: The Impact of Communication Climate on Oxytocin Production […]

Climate Change: Creating a Healthy Communication Climate

  Countercultural Academia: Why We Chose Home Education Dr. Lisa Dunne, 2017 My biological family heritage includes a long line of educators: professors, principals, and public school teachers. In fact, I had never even heard of the concept of homeschooling when I became a parent. But once my child was […]

Countercultural Academia: Why We Chose Home Education

I married this man 26 years ago today! It has been an amazing journey so far, Adrian Dunne! From Miami to England, from rock bands to worship teams, from praying desperately for children to being blessed beyond measure by parenthood, marriage has been an incredible adventure! In our pre-marriage counseling […]

That’s 26 and Counting

  When your son’s Bible professor assigns a 3D map of the Holy Land from Samuel’s era, it’s a great excuse for a college student to break out the LEGO bricks. It’s also a powerful reminder of King David’s impact on the nation of Israel—which offers some striking parallels to […]

Of Kings, Queens, and Candidates: What the 2016 Presidential Election ...

This week, three newspaper articles give a sobering glimpse into one of the most ironic battles facing our country today. In the first article, the New York Times cites a recent finding from the Government Accountability Office: US taxpayers are still unwittingly contributing $500 million per year to the nation’s […]

Defeating Discrimination: What California Can Learn from the Netherlands

Freedom from the Yoke: A Strategy for Christian Colleges By Dr. Lisa Dunne. When Harvard University opened its doors in 1636, the goal was straightforward: The Pilgrims wanted to found an educational institution that would ensure the clear and accurate transmission of the Bible to the next generation. In other […]

Freedom from the Yoke: A Strategy for Christian Colleges