Praise for The Multigenerational Marketplace

The Multigenerational Marketplace is a comprehensive and readable guide to help you become competent, employable, and wise beyond your years in the marketplace of your choice. Dr. Lisa Dunne is at once winsome, intelligent, and compelling.”

– Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University
Author and Speaker on Leadership, Culture, and Transformation


“This is a phenomenal playbook for employers to bridge the generational gaps that have never been greater. Dr. Lisa Dunne dissects the problems we all feel in the workplace but don’t know how to decipher. Better yet, she provides practical solutions to begin to transform your work culture. Everyone should read this book, across generations.”

– Audrea Taylor, Political Analyst and President of im2moro


“Mindset is most important in multi-generational business. The Multigenerational Marketplace addresses the idea of coupling mindset with motivation to achieve outstanding results. If you read nothing else this year, read this book and apply to your business. You and your employees will benefit.”

– Dr. Frank Marshall
Associate Professor of Business and Small Business Survival Expert


Recently, I heard two highly successful marketplace leaders agreeing, ‘Don’t waste your time working with Millennials.’ Though I was stunned, it demonstrated the timeliness of Dr. Lisa Dunne’s new book: The Multigenerational Marketplace. The day we give up on the next generation is the day we abandon our future. I’ve known Lisa for 20 years, and I have seen her time and again meet the need of the hour with exceptional insight and wisdom.”
– Francis Anfuso, Lead Pastor, The Rock of Roseville
Author of Father Wounds
and Perfectly Positioned


Drawing from many sources, including neuroscience and scripture, Dr. Dunne shows us what’s really happening around the conference room table and in meetings when you have a workforce ranging in age from 20-75.  Understanding how generational differences impact what employees need from their workplace is critical to organizational success–this book will help you understand what you need to do.”

– Katrina S. Rogers, Ph.D., President, Fielding Graduate University


“Finally, a legitimate resource that addresses the expanding rift between the many generations working together. This is a must read for every manager and supervisor throughout the fire service who wants to bring out the very best in their subordinates.”

– Robert Nelson, Battalion Chief, Chula Vista Fire Department


“Using eight practical leadership competencies, The Multigenerational Marketplace gives readers a research based-approach to understand, strengthen, and build dynamic and engaging workplace teams; it provides a rich resource that values and leverages the concept of multiple generations positively cooperating around the office watercooler. Dr. Dunne provides a journey of words and illustrations that may be the perfect tool for those in the workplace needing to to grasp their role and influence with a new perspective.”

– Paul Ague, Ph.D., President, San Diego Christian College
– Lorri Ague, Ed.D., Dean of Adult & Professional Studies, San Diego Christian College


“This information is germane to anyone seeking to hire or get hired in the current generation.”
– Captain Dennis Breslin, Retired Pilot, American Airlines


“At no other time in our history has there been such a challenging multigenerational workplace environment. In her book The Multigenerational Marketplace, Dr. Lisa Dunne navigates this intricate issue with powerful insights and discernment to help today’s management to rethink and revitalize their companies and organizations. With solid research and compelling concepts, The Multigenerational Marketplace is a “Must Read” for every manager. Insightful and compelling!”

– Gorman Woodfin, Former CBN Reporter
Assistant Professor of Communication, Anderson University


“Lisa has the pulse of what’s going on as generations get shorter and workplace culture gets more complicated. Leaders need to read this book and act wisely or their organizations will die on the vine.

– Quentin Schultze, PhD, Professor of Communication Emeritus, Calvin College
Author of Communicate Like a True Leader: 30 Days of Life-Changing Wisdom


“Once again, Dr. Lisa Dunne has hit the nail on the head, identifying a current societal-interpersonal hot-button issue affecting generationally diverse workplaces. She doesn’t stop at outlining the potential problems, but offers practical, compassionate strategies toward success. This topic hit home as my good friend, owner and operator of a small, thriving business in our community recently confided, “In a day of millennial entitlement, the mindset of younger employees can be hard to relate to.” She was perplexed and at times exasperated by the behaviors of her younger employees. I’m excited to be able to hand her a copy of The Multigenerational Marketplace; I know it will offer her solutions toward building greater harmony amongst her employees, leading to a more positive atmosphere and a more profitable bottomline.”

-Denise Mira, Author, Speaker, Educator and Mother of 5 (amazing!) Millennial-Z Men